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You can travel at will… the coating will withstand!

2 min reading | admineliane
You can travel at will… the coating will withstand!

Choosing the ideal coating for places with high traffic of people or equipment can be a very complex task., after all, the decision goes beyond the concepts of aesthetics or decoration. Cleaning must be prioritized, easy maintenance and, mainly, the high strength and performance of the product.

To help you make the best choice, Eliane's Quality Assurance coordinator, Patrick Anderson, clear some doubts on the subject. Check and understand the care and indications of this type of coating!


Quality Assurance Coordinator Eliane, Patrick Anderson


Q – When high traffic flooring is indicated?

A – The coating will be defined according to the use and application location. What traffic will it be subjected to?? Low, medium, alto, high with equipment? It is necessary to take into account everything that involves the product. a supermarket, which has trolley circulation, pallet truck and supply carts, for example, needs a different option than a store that has a high flow of people only. This is exactly what needs to be considered when choosing.


Micron Bege NA 80x80cm Micron Bege Ra Cove Base 10x50cm Micron Bege Ra Ang EXT 4x10cm Micron Bege Ra Ang Int 4x10cm


Q – What are the differentials of this product in relation to the adhesion of dirt?

A - There is not much to do, the more people and machines pass through the site, more dirt there will be. One is a consequence of the other.. To alleviate this problem, high-traffic coatings have, mostly, chemical resistance, impregnation and staining superior to conventional products. Even needing a more aggressive cleaning, frequent and routine, these are the characteristics that will keep it active and clean throughout its useful life..


Bali Camel EXT 19,7x120cm Noronha Verde Mesh BR 7.5×7,5cm Munari White Edge EXT 30×90,2cm


Q – And what are the indications for cleaning to be done in the best possible way??

R – The cleaning of high-traffic coatings needs to be guided by the use of products indicated by the manufacturers themselves. It is necessary to avoid agents that damage the surface, like acids and stone cleaners, for example. To use, also, well-known brands in the market. Another tip is to never use the pure cleaning product. Always follow the recommendations and make the correct dilution. Preferably, use in a test area, to verify the actual effectiveness, and only then apply to the rest of the space.


Micron Zinco NA 80x80cm Micron Zinco Ra Cove Base 10x50cm Micron Zinco Ra Ang EXT 4x10cm Micron Zinco Ra Ang Int 4x10cm


Q – What are the differentials offered by Eliane in this niche?

A – We have a product category for very high traffic and extreme uses, perfect for airport use, Another novelty in the collection was the launch of the 60x60cm format in all colors, establishments and, also, in residences. It's Tecxtone, composed of the Silex collections, Micron, Street and Oasis. Our parts are produced with advanced technology., that guarantees hygiene, resistance to wear and chemical attack, extreme temperature variations and maximum efficiency. They are coatings with superior attributes, perfect for those spaces that require high performance and durable coatings.


Micron Bege PO 80x80cm


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