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Biomimicry as a trend: Designs inspired by nature

3 min reading | admineliane
Biomimicry as a trend: Designs inspired by nature

Biomimicry in architecture means more than just copying the forms present in nature.. Its application happens when architects and designers study the functions and structures of natural elements such as animals., plants, ecosystems and use learning to develop projects.


Eastgate Center, de Mick Pearce

Image: Eastgate Center. Mick Pearce

O Eastgate Center, located in Harare, in zimbabwe, is a building designed from an observation by architect Michael Pearce of the structure of African termite mounds and their temperature and air and light circulation systems..

Considering the same systems of air currents inside the termite mounds, the building does not have any artificial ventilation system such as air conditioners or heaters and, even so, always maintains its ideal temperature.

To fully understand the structure of the building, it is necessary to understand the structure of the termite mound, yes, that has tiny holes or cavities around it, allowing air to pass freely, in addition to having ventilation shafts and chimneys, for the release of hot air.

The same is true of the Eastgate Center building.: the materials used (concrete slabs and bricks), have thermal mass, that is, able to absorb heat without, necessarily, change your temperature. Its surface has extremities like thorns., that prevent temperature loss during the night.

Through a system of low power fans, the cool night air from outside is pulled in and dispersed by the 7 building floors. About that, concrete blocks absorb the cold, insulating the building and cooling the circulating air. When dawn and the temperature rises, hot air is vented through the ceiling and released through the chimneys. Like this, the temperature inside remains stable and pleasant, even in a super hot climate region like Africa.

Since it opened its doors in 1996, the climate control system 90% Mick Pearce's birth made the Eastgate Center a global landmark for sustainability, using 35% less energy than other buildings of the same proportion.

Leaf House, from the Mareines and Patalano offices

Image: Patalano Architecture


A structure to maintain air circulation and temperature balance is Casa Folha, located in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro. This beach house was inspired by 6 palm leaves for your roof.

The circular fit of the leaves of almost 25 m long, developed from laminated eucalyptus wood, facilitates natural ventilation from the coast to the interior of the House's environments.

In this way, Casa Folha does not need artificial cooling systems, how are you conditioned, and save energy. Another interesting point about the building is that the representation of the leaves prevents the sun's rays from falling directly on the rooms of the House., avoiding temperature rise.

The project, plus an innovative design, also promotes sustainability. Through an internal roof piping system, the House can collect up to 60% of rainwater, in order to be filtered and reused in swimming pools and gardens.


Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel


Image: Votu Hotel (Votu Hotel).


Votu Hotel. Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel.

Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel. Votu Hotel.

Votu Hotel nature! Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel, Votu Hotel.

Votu Hotel: Votu Hotel, this species develops its burrows buried in the ground, this species develops its burrows buried in the ground.

Besides that, this species develops its burrows buried in the ground.


this species develops its burrows buried in the ground, this species develops its burrows buried in the ground Connectarch this species develops its burrows buried in the ground!


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