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blog Eliane
3 de June de 2024

DUO finish: the complete guide so you don't make a mistake when choosing

3 min reading | admineliane
DUO finish: the complete guide so you don't make a mistake when choosing

The universe of ceramic tiles is vast and full of options that go far beyond aesthetics.. After all, each type of finish offers unique characteristics, providing versatility and adaptability to the most diverse decoration and construction projects.


External Finish (EXT) | Products: Munari Branco EXT 100x100cm, Munari Cimento Mesh SIM MA 7x26cm, Munari Marfim AC 100x100cm


For those who still have doubts about which finish to choose, let's show the characteristics of Eliane finishes, also highlighting the new and unprecedented DUO finish from Pottery Collection, a co-creation between Eliane and Studio Arthur Casas.


After all, what is DUO finish?


DUO finish | Products: Sac Olaria Adobe Duo 44.8×44,8cm 29,8×29,8cm 14,8×14,8cm | Photo: @Tardelliwork | Production: Debbie Apsan


The big news in the Olaria Collection is the DUO finish, attribute developed in the partnership between Eliane and the Studio Arthur Casas. This unprecedented technology in the Brazilian market offers a flexible and dynamic solution for projects that seek integration between environments.

The DUO finish can be applied to both internal and external areas, providing freedom of movement and continuity to spaces. Its surface is pleasant to the touch and resistant to slipping, ensuring more sensorial and unique environments.


Matte Finish (MA) | Products: Aquarium Cobalto MA 15x15cm, Aquarium Surf MA 10x20cm e Aquarium Surf MA 15x15cm | Photo: @tardelliwork | Production: Debbie Apsan


The versatility of the DUO finish allows you to cover a variety of spaces, from kitchens and bedrooms to outdoor areas such as swimming pools and balconies. Besides that, its application is not limited to functionality alone, but also adds a touch of sophistication and visual harmony to environments.


E, what are the other types of finishing?


In addition to DUO launch, the Eliane portfolio has different types of finishes that can be used to create personalized and stylish environments. As a result, each of them has unique characteristics, discover the variety of options:

  • Polished (PO): Extremely polished and shiny surface, Suitable for dry areas such as living rooms and bedrooms.

  • Satin (AC): Light and discreet shine, with a soft and silky touch, ideal for internal spaces of the house.

  • Bright (BR): Classic exclusive wall finish, providing shine through special enamel.

  • Mate (MA): Completely matte effect on the surface, giving a modern and sensorial aspect to spaces.

  • Natural (NA): Matte and textured surface, that resembles natural elements such as marble, Brazilian rocks and desert landscapes.

  • External (EXT): slip resistant, with rustic texture suitable for outdoor areas such as balconies and gardens.


Natural Finish (NA) | Product: Cite Milo Limestone NA 60x120m | Photo: @Tardelliwork | Production: Debbie Apsan


Each type of finish has specific characteristics that adapt to different needs and decoration proposals., ensuring durability and quality to architecture and design projects.


But, which finish to choose?


Polished Finish (PO) | Product: Polis Sand PO 84x84cm | Photo: @Tardelliwork | Production: Debbie Apsan


With so many options available, Choosing the right finish for your project can seem challenging. However, Having clarity about the desired proposal for each environment is essential, and to make the right decision you can count on the guidance of a specialized professional. Be it a residential architectural project, commercial or engineering, The finishes are responsible for providing durability and transforming your spaces into true havens of style and comfort.

Lastly, Now that you know the different types of finishes, Explore our portfolio and find the perfect coating for your project!

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