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technological coatings: high performance beyond design

3 min reading | admineliane
technological coatings: high performance beyond design

The coatings industry is increasingly investing in innovations to achieve excellence in materials that unite design, functionality and technology. Following this trend, a Eliane has Tecxtone, a category of materials that stand out for their durability and high resistance. Ideas for spaces with high traffic, Tecxtone products support high loads without changing the visual or physical appearance, and maintain performance at a high level. The material with a colorbody structure allows it to be used in a variety of ways without altering its aesthetics, because it has the same color as the dough both in the base and in the structure, opening up countless finishing and cutting possibilities. Its monolithic appearance allows application in generous areas where a uniform composition is required..

Tecxtone not only stands out for these characteristics, but also for countless other, as very high resistance to scratching and wear; to acids, bases and solvents; chemical and physical resistance; resistance to intense heat and frost; non flammable; resistance to UV rays; in addition to being waterproof. All these qualities give the Tecxtone category the possibility of use on the most diverse surfaces such as floors and walls., in addition to being able to be used on countertops, since it can receive cuts, customized details and finishes without losing the continuity of color and pattern in all its materiality. Because it does not have heavy metals in its composition, becomes even more perfect for this purpose, because, for not having porosity, allows you to handle food directly on its surface.

Discover some series from the category:


The Oasis series makes reference to parks located in the heart of the world's great metropolises, a refuge from cities that never stop. The products in this series – Park Camel and Vondel Ivory – reproduce wooden slats in their perfect appearance., with natural and external finish, being the first porcelain tiles with this finish on the market. They are ideal for use in environments where a more welcoming and cozy atmosphere is required., as is the case with hospitals, for example.

Park Camel NA 192x1182cm Production: Deborah Apsan | Photo: S.L.A Photostudio



The Sílex series is made up of patterns that resemble the aspect of granilite., but with the resistance and durability of Tecxtone. It is a polished porcelain tile that can be used in high traffic environments, because its maintenance is possible thanks to the unique mass composition – colorbody, which allows specialized repolishing to recover the original shine. Besides that, it is ideal to be used as a bench and to customize the edges, because its design has continuity throughout the thickness.


Silex Branco PO 60x120cm Project: Ygor Prudente Photo: Xico Diniz



The Micron series is inspired by natural stones, but with the high performance that Tecxtone offers exclusively. The polished finish invites to the touch and offers sophistication and at the same time modernity to the environments., whether internal or external. The versatility doesn't stop there.: for being a colorbody product, Micron can be used to produce furniture, countertops and whatever else your imagination allows!


Micron Coral NA 80x80cm Project: Ygor Prudente Photo: Xico Diniz


In addition to all the aforementioned advantages of using Tecxtone, a differential of the category is a concern with the sustainable character. The Tecxtone surface, in addition to offering more useful time with the possibility of repolishing, also does not contain plastic, year pesados, nor petroleum derivatives in its composition. It also has ISO14001 certification in its manufacturing process..

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