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ConnectArch Summit first day

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ConnectArch Summit first day

It started this Tuesday (20), O ConnectArch SummitEditing design, promoted by Eliane and Decortiles. With mediation by architect Renato Mendonça and Vivian Sipriano, the first day of the event brought together Marva Griffin, founder and curator of the Milan Satellite Salon, Gabriele Salvatori, renowned designer, specialist and awarded for his innovative work with natural stones, Lula Gouveia, creative office architect Superlimão, Guto Requena, recognized professional who stands out for design as a reflection of memory, culture and poetics, and the content creator and digital marketing, Paulo Cuenca.



In interview format, made by the journalist, architect and design critic Marcelo Lima, Marva Griffin, highlighted the need for young professionals to be trained in a good design school, be curious, informed and authorial in their creations from the beginning. She also said that, to participate in the Milan Satellite Salon, the designer must be less than 35 years and present absolutely new material, that will be screened by the event curatorship committee. Venezuelan, Marva also spoke about the fundamental role of nature as a source of inspiration for professionals in Latin America, like the Campana Brothers, cited by her as an example of creativity.



Lima also conducted the conversation with Gabriele Salvatori. The designer talked about the process of developing coatings made from leftover marble, with textures inspired by materials like bamboo. Salvatori said that the idea for the product came from the need to avoid the waste and disposal of this ornamental rock. Passionate about Brazil, the professional highlighted the beauty of Brazilian white quartizts.




Vernacular Architecture, form of construction using local materials, traditional techniques, regional typologies, was the theme of the lecture by Lula Gouveia, from office SuperLimão. The architect told about his experience in an indigenous Xingu tribe and how the constructions of these villages are examples of social architecture, involving the whole community. Then, Gouveia told how these construction techniques are used in Superlimão projects.



The architect and designer Guto Requena talked about using technology as a tool to bring people in person or remotely, and how empathic architecture can change the way people interact with their homes and the city. Requena also told how urban centers inspire him in his creations and how urban furniture can function as points of humanization and poetry in the city.


Ending the first day, Paulo Cuenca gave valuable tips on how to make social media a valuable tool for closing deals. The content producer spoke about the need for the public to know the origin and values ​​of the professional to whom they follow, on the importance of building a clear narrative, give tips and inspirations, always mixing the emotional appeal to the professional.


O ConnectArch Summit is an initiative of the ConnectArch relationship program for architects and interior designers, brands and Eliane Decortiles. The event continues until Thursday (22) with the proposal to rethink personal and collective identities, innovations, creativity and habits of use and consumption in a world in constant change and acceleration. Registration is still open and can be done free of charge on the website


In the next days (21 e 22), are among the speakers Tsuyoshi Tane, world-renowned Japanese architect, creator of the Kofun stadium in Tokyo – that will be stages of the Olympics, Arthur Casas, recognized for the contemporaneity of the projects, and awarded nationally and internationally, Débora Aguiar, one of the pioneers in the eco-luxury segment, Fred Gelli, CEO of Tátil Design, strategic consulting agency that builds and manages major brands using design and branding to create sustainable connections between people and brands, Gustavo Martini, Brazilian living in Milan, Next Generation Designer of the Year award winner, in 2017; e Gregory Bousquet, from office Triptych, among others.

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