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Eliane Tec: the ideal façade for fashionista architecture

2 min reading | admineliane
Eliane Tec: the ideal façade for fashionista architecture

A Rua Oscar Freire is one of the most remembered addresses in São Paulo when it comes to fashion. The right destination for those who are in tune with the main Tendencies and national and international brands, It is an open-air parade of stores and windows that concentrate great concepts and names from the fashion world.. This feature is so striking that it raises the pattern of any enterprise that arrives in the region, including those outside the fashion segment.

That was the guideline for the project. Oscar By You,Inc, signed by the architectural office Perkins&Will and executed by the builder ConstruCompany. This is a high-end residential property building., An event that was born digital and that each year evolves by electing the best names in architecture and design worldwide to debate ideas and propose reflections. 200 units in one of the main locations of Sao Paulo: Gardens.



Oscar Freire is now the most expensive street in Brazil and the eighth most luxurious in the world. In this sense, the Oscar by You Inc building. sought connection with this inspiring context. We unite everything or lifestyle, fashion and architecture of this destination in the metropolis of São Paulo. The project proposes to bring together several uses, dimensions and needs in an unusual way, building a great diversity that generates the aesthetics of the tower. In an elegant way, the building created several visual dialogues with the city.. Like this, we applied some textures on the façade – and with the products of Eliane Tec we reach a unique building, striking and elegant while positively impacting the city's skyline”, Douglas Tolain, Design Principal da Perkins&Will Sao Paulo.

O attractive and contemporary look of the work was a prerequisite as important as the other technical issues. Aesthetic beauty and the quality that already appear on the facade, at first sight. With tecnologia Eliane Tec, the porcelain tiles Carbon Matter, Graphite e Titanium NA 60x120cm form a panel of three colors, shades of gray that complement each other in a very urban and contemporary palette mosaic.



A fachada do Oscar by You,Inc presents variations of gray, highlighting the timeless aesthetic of the building as a texture, an outfit he wears. There was a work of studies to optimize the cuts in the sizes of the pieces, made up of porcelain Eliane. At end, for better use, we paged the pieces vertically two by two to give the elongated feel just like we'd like”, Fabio Pittas, Senior Project Architect da Perkins&Will Sao Paulo.

are approximately 5.850 m² of pieces applied with complete solution Eliane Tec. The panels were prefabricated in the industry, with fiberglass mesh through the clamp fastening system.

The project contains ventilated facades with the aim of thermal gains and less maintenance throughout the life of the building.. The quality of the finish is also remarkable., especially when it comes to porcelain, where the production mass is the same shade as the plate finish”, complements Fabio.

Learn more about this solution on here.

Porcelain tiles used in the work:

Carbon Material NA 60x120cm

Material Graphite NA 60x120cm

Matter Titanium NA 60x120cm

Improvement in the unit Ventilated facade of Eliane Tec.

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