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5 priceless trends from Milan Design Week by Regina Galvão

6 min reading | admineliane
5 priceless trends from Milan Design Week by Regina Galvão

After two years of waiting and some delays, we were finally able to relive the buzzing Milan of Design Week, of 6 a 12 of June. Once again, as has been the case for decades, the city saw its population temporarily grow, with chaotic traffic, lack of taxis and a crowd on the streets speaking different languages.

Strange was facing the intense heat of June, for those who were used to traveling the circuits of Milanese neighborhoods in low temperatures. In 2023, however, the calendar returns to usual, with the Furniture Salon scheduled to take place from 18 a 23 of April.

In this issue, "The Furniture expo”, as it is called by the italians 60 years, has received 262 thousand visitors from 173 countries and 2175 exhibitor brands, being 27% of them foreign.

In parallel with the anchor event, O Fuorisalone registered more than 2 thousand programs around the city and surroundings. Breath and legs for what I want you, because Milan Design Week is a real marathon!


Furniture Salon Fair 2022 in Milan – Italy


If previously the theme appeared as a differential for companies, it became mandatory and the subject has never been heard so much. Some brands even included in their releases, for the press, the destination they would give to the materials used in their stands, case from Italian Alias.


Re-Chair Chair by Antonio Citterio for cartel


Another famous brand in the country, a Cartel, surprised with an unusual partnership: the with the coffee Illy. The architect and designer Antonio Citterio was chosen to bring the Re-Chair chair to life, always in black, made with 600 discarded capsules. The experience starts a project that intends to extend the products of the.


Metamorfose Collection by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Paola Lenti – Ilustrative Photo


With the textile waste from the Paola Lenti, located in Meda, a 40 minutes from Milan, Brazilians Fernando and Humberto Campana designed the Metamorfose collection, made up of colorful and playful seats, and with fun names: Alicia, Caterpillar, Centipede and Chromodorus.


Handmade wool blankets by the Nomad brand – Ilustrative Photo


in Alcova, new design circuit address, hosted in a former military hospital, German Nomad exhibited wool blankets handmade in India, that mix wool with candy wrapper or recycled bicycle tires.


artisan touch


French brand design studio Hermes – Ilustrative Photo


This is another trend that has been valued year after year., both in design studios and in the big industry. French company Hermès has set up wooden and translucent paper towers to display its collection, dedicated to the refinement of manual art and whose theme was “Lightness”.


Furniture with fibers by the Hermès brand – Ilustrative Photo


furniture with fibers, cashmere blankets woven in India and the United States, leather bowls with indigenous graphics and bamboo lamps and parachute screens made up the interior spaces of the four buildings., one of each color and with supports made from scrap paper, in yet another demonstration of care for nature.


From Tour da Austrian GTV – Ilustrative Photo


The natural fiber, so used in our modern furniture, now cover contemporary models in unexpected ways: on table sides, case of the De Tour model of the Austrian GTV; and even in kitchen drawers, as it was presented in the showroom of Armani Casa.


Mesa Tea da Kartell – Ilustrative Photo


And it is interesting to note that those who invest in high technology are also willing to reproduce the delicacy of the natural texture in their products.. It is the case of Kartell, what, with Ferruccio Laviani, launched the Tea table lamp, that suggests weaves in its recycled thermoplastic dome, creating a smooth play of light and shadow.


back to 70


vibrant hues, textures and material mixes by Rossana Orlandi – Ilustrative Photo


the vibrant hues, the graphic and floral patterns, sphere pendants and even neons have returned to shop windows and showrooms. In Rossana Orlandi's cool gallery, Lake Como duo, Draga e Aurel, invested in the theme and recreated environments in the house, in which the saturated colors stood out, textures and material mixtures, like concrete and resin, beyond acrylic and neon.

O Dimorestudio, coordinated by Italian Emiliano Salci and American Britt Moran, also reminded us of that decade with lamps and materials from that time., in the apartment in Brera, where a soft fog and low light gave a dreamlike atmosphere to the place.

Reissues from this period also gained prominence at the Salão do Móvel. The Quaderna series, designed by the iconic Superstudio, Florence architects group, was re-released by Zanotta, maintaining the hypnotic effect of your graphics, laminated printed. beyond the tables, from the desk and from the console, a low table has now joined the line, a desk and a rug.


present nature


it is not news that, with the Covid-19 pandemic, the houses were filled with plants, and the gardens, for those lucky enough to have them, gained more attention from residents. Then, nature also materialized in products, as in the Almendra luminaire series, signed by the spanish Patricia Urquiola to the Flos, which has the almond seed as inspiration. “From the window of your house in Ibiza, Patricia sees several of these trees”, told me the brand's press officer, how complete 60 years.

In the hall, the brazilian brand By Kamy shone with the rugs with animal prints created by artist Regina Silveira.

I'm on Moroso, was the Swedish duo from Front, that brought natural inspiration to the company's seats. Chamados Pebble Rubble, the modular upholstered volumes refer to rocks polished by rain and wind, covered with a fabric specially developed by Kvadrat.

by name Arda, it is made mainly of wool yarn and reveals surprising nuances as the conditions of its surroundings change.. The manufacturing technique is innovative, reducing water consumption between 80 e 95% compared to traditional methods. Front's new project is inspired by studies that show that spending time with nature positively affects well-being., memory and creativity.

friendly technology



A robot or a scent diffuser? Piro, new product from nice in partnership with the global company Ideo, combines the two characteristics and still makes dancing performances. more than efficiency, the technology used here wants to bring joy and sensory experience to people's lives. The news caught the attention of those who visited the installation Uma Vida Extraordinária, from the Dutch company led by designer Marcel Wanders.


Flos brand launches light pole that emits amber light to not disturb nocturnal animals


Once again, Flos took the lead on this topic, casting a light pole, small, for external area, which emits amber light to not disturb nocturnal animals. The system only increases the light intensity when the sensor detects human presence.

And the metaverse debuted in projects by young designers like Mariana Prestes from Rio Grande do Sul., which had its still virtual Saudade sofa exposed on the sidewalk in front of the Cassina showroom.


There's no denying that Milan Design Week remains in shape and extraordinary.! Check out other trends here from DESIGS WEEK IN MILAN.

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