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Maximiliano leaving the factory in 1962.

Maximiliano Gaidzinski,
founder of Eliane.

Eliane, the youngest daughter, inspired the name of the company.

Maximiliano and Octávia with their children,
Vicente, Edna, Jarvis, Eliane and Edson.

The beginning

A family dream and legacy of three generations is born through the hands of the visionary entrepreneur, 47 years old, Maximiliano Gaidzinski. Together with wife and 5 children (Jarvis, Edson, Edna, Vicente and Eliane, the youngest daughter, inspiration for the company’s name) Milo, as he was known, buys a bankrupted factory of ceramic tiles. He faces the challenge of rebuilding the company, thus fulfilling a dream to have his own business. It is the beginning of a whole path of accomplishments. The first steps of Eliane Ceramic Tiles.

It used to take up to three days to produce wall tiles.

Early packaging:
wooden crates.

Press and local
authorities visit to the plant.

Celebration time amongst employees.

Success formula

Early years obstacles and difficulty did not discourage Milo. He used to keep a closer eye on the manufacturing of the traditional 15X15cm wall tiles, a classic of the sixties. It could take up to three days to produce the tiles. The wall tiles manufacturer draw the attention from press and authorities. They visit it, looking for the prescription of success.

Governor Ivo Silveira cuts the ribbon on the offices opening event.

Visit to the plant facilities.

Entire access path has an unpaved road.


Inauguration of Eliane offices, marking a consolidation process acknowledged all over the state. Authorities attend the event, checking the latest investments in the facilities.

First decorated wall tile.

Launching of decorated wall tiles.

Decorated wall tiles

Maximiliano anxiously waits to check the first decorated wall tiles coming out of the production line. They became a decoration reference in that period. Plenty of joy and curiosity, he takes one piece, kisses it, and says: “this is the first decorated wall tile produced by us”.

Signing the bank contract that funded the company’s expansion.

Inauguration of the first imported atomizer unit.

Aerial view of
the then promising plant of Cocal do Sul/SC.


The highly expected loan agreement with BNDS Bank, allowing the Eliane expansion, is signed. Investment in the modernization of the industrial complex resulted in a monthly production leap from 10.000 to 300.000 sqmt of wall tiles.

Working women at
Eliane. An unheard-of fact at that period.

Floor tiles

Up to that time the company was known as a wall tile manufacturer. It starts the production of floor tiles as a major step in its history. Floor tiles were an increasingly important market. Eliane stands out with a wide range of product shapes, colors and sizes.

Maximiliano Gaidzinski receives the Public
Acclaim Award.

The president and the Santa Catarina governor visit the region.

Certificate of Public Acclaim Award, given to Eliane.


Maximiliano receives the Public Acclaim Award from the Associação Comercial de São Paulo. Prominent homages reflect the great moment of the company.

Maximiliano Gaidzinski School

Eliane’s investments are not limited to the manufacturing process. Thinking ahead, the company buys a convent, turning it into a school. Besides enabling qualified education to the community, CMG provides skilled workforce to the region, forming ceramic technicians.

Article in Exame magazine
about Eliane.

Wall tile celebrates the visit of Pope John Paul II to Brazil.

One of the great classics of the decade.


The company achieves national leadership in the middle of economic instability in Brazil. It starts the production of decorated trims and listelli, widening the possibilities to personalize ambiences and at the same time increasing its product range. Worth mentioning is the launching of a wall tile celebrating the visit of Pope John Paul 2nd to Brazil.

Eliane Stand at Cersaie show.


Structuring the export operation. First attendance to the world’s biggest ceramic tiles show, Cersaie, in Bologna, Italy.


Maximiliano Gaidzinski, founder of Eliane, 74 years old, passes away. The family continues his legacy.

Inauguration of Eliane III unit.

Full mix

The recent loss didn’t allow an interruption of business growth. Eliane opens one more big plant, the third one at Cocal do Sul/SC, aiming increase floor tiles production and product mix.

Soap operas

The nineties marked the appearance of Eliane’s products in some of the Brazilian blockbuster soap operas. The ad campaigns create a wide repercussion and are portrayed as communication “cases”.

USA unit

Export operations grow. Eliane Tiles, a representative office in the United States is opened in Texas. In a short time the unit responds for 70% of the total exports.

Eliane summer camp.

Eliane Beach Volley Circuit.


Eliane Beach Volley Circuit puts the company well into the national sports circuit, due to the high degree of seriousness and professionalism of the competition, which happened during several seasons. The company’s summer camp provides thrilling, unforgetable adventures to its workers children.

Eliane advertising campaign in national circulation magazines.

ISO 14001 Certificate.

Eliane Porcelain Tiles inauguration.


Once again, Eliane jumps ahead the market and opens the first porcelain tiles factory in Brazil. Bringing state-of-the-art technology, it gets the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 Certificates. It becomes the world’s first ceramic tile facility to be certified for environmental management.

A giant

The company notices that the laying of floor and wall tiles is still a problem for the consumers due to the low quality of grout and mortars available in the Brazilian market. It launches Eliane Mortars and Grouts. With the early activities of Eliane Nordeste, located in Bahia/BA, Eliane becomes the largest manufacturer of ceramic tiles in the American continent.

Regina Duarte visits
Eliane Stand during FEICON SP.


The “Eliane” brand stands out in the main Brazilian ceramic tiles shows. Product launchings are keenly awaited by customers and visitors from all over the world.


Eliane Ceramic Tiles expands its educational activities creating the Instituto Maximiliano Gaidzinski, a nonprofit private association. IMG constituents are the education center ( with Maximiliano Gaidzinski school), the technical consulting center and the center for socio-environmental responsibility.


46% of the overall sales are exported. As a result, the company has its products sold in more than 80 countries.

founder of

Second generation meeting, in the nineties.

Gaidzinski family, in the eighties.

Gaidzinski family meeting in 2014.

3ª generation

The grandchildren of founder Maximiliano Gaidzinski take over the administration of the company, continuing the family dream from generation to generation.


Eliane introduces Decortiles, a brand that offers a new, fresh look at ceramic tiles. Distinctive products blend technology and the beauty of the hand-made work, redeeming it.

Shopping JK Iguatemi - SP.

System - SP.

Eliane Tec

Start up activities of Eliane Técnica, a service created to offer fully integrated, innovative solutions to engineering projects.

Digital printing
on ceramic body.


Introduction of a technology that once again changes the ceramic tiles market: the high definition printing. Eliane is among the first companies to manufacture porcelain tiles using digital printing technology. It reproduces with perfection in the ceramic tile, surfaces such as wood and stone.

Edson Gaidzinski Jr.
receives the
Ceramist of the Year Award.


The World Ceramic Awards organizing committee nominates Eliane Ceramic Tiles the company of the year. President Edson Gaidzinski Jr, is appointed “Ceramist of 2014”. The brand also gets from the Grupo Revenda, for the 18th time in a row, the “Best Product of the Year Award,” with the classic White Diamond wall tile.

55 years

It’s a dream come true. The company currently has more than 2500 employees, working in six industrial facilities located in Santa Catarina and Bahia. Eliane produces over 36 million sqmt of ceramic tiles a year. Products can be found in more than 15.000 sales outlets in Brazil and more than 80 countries spread all over the world. A history full of passion, great accomplishments and plenty of emotions makes Eliane the Ceramic Tiles of Brazil.

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