Our commitment to education has always been at the essence of Eliane Revestimentos. The first step for the fulfillment of this, which would become a reference, has been the Colégio Maximiliano Gaidzinski implemented for over 35 years. It was a convent purchased by Eliane Revestimentos in Cocal do Sul/SC and it was transformed into a school based on the concepts predefined by the respective founder, Edson Gaidzinski.

Besides the wish to provide quality teaching to the community, the CMG was also a way to supply the needed specialized manpower from the region surrounding the home office. The social work performed in the Colégio Maximiliano Gaidzinski throughout the past three decades, the institution has gained respect and admiration from the entire country for training the best professionals in this field.

On June 17th 2004 Eliane Revestimentos expanded its educational activities by creating the Maximiliano Gaidzinski Institute, a non-profit private educational association. Nowadays, it is part of the IMG, Educational Center, where it is inserted in the Colégio Maximiliano Gaidzinski - CMG, The Technical Advisory Center and the Environmental Partnership Responsibility Center.



Vision of
the future




Provide teaching, research, and the transference of knowhow to the Brazilian ceramic segment, with quality and innovation.

Vision of the future

Be a sustainable institution, recognized nationally as a standard of excellent in education, research, and technical consultancy to the ceramic sector.


Everyone in the organization contributes the upmost according to each one’s ability. There is a spirit of teamwork in everything each member does.

Permanent incentive seeking innovative solutions for all types of problems, providing solutions to organizational bottlenecks and revert them to results noticeable to partners and users of our services.

Respecting individuals
Respect the dignity and rights of all stakeholders in the Institution.

Permanent valorization of the involved audiences, quality services, and adding value in everything one does.

Each partner is treated with equality and transparency.

The growth of the Institution is the result from the enterprising spirit of each individual.


Raise the educational level by providing qualification and specialization to manpower, also participate in the overall preparation and training of the involved audiences, seeking to develop the human and enterprising spirit, based on a critical and ethical preparation, committed to citizenship and social transformation.

Permanently fomenting scientific initiation through research projects and technology feasibility (knowledge transformed into products or services) in your fields of actuation.

Attract people, private/public companies, entities, and other institutions for mutual benefit, these initiatives can be for educational purposes, professional training, scientific, technology, and service providing.

These actions for social inclusion for the improvement and conservation of the environment is a continual process for the quality of life of the involved audiences

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