We inform our company authorizes a different shipping company than the one recommended by the Eliane Companies in the “FOB Homologado” (Approved FOB) Eliane for shipments from the manufacturing center:

We authorize the shipping company as follows:

When shipping the Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos products purchased by our company, we are granted the right to revoke this authorization at any time as long as it is informed in writing to Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos – Logistics Department.

We declare the acceptance of all liabilities of any damages caused to the product after leaving the grounds of the unit where the shipment was executed, whether by imprudence of the driver or any traffic accidents along the route, thefts and/or robberies.

We furthermore declare that Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos will not be liable for any missing products, breakage, or any other defects after being properly loaded on the vehicle, as well as exemption from delays caused by transportation problems.

The company contracted for shipment services is committed to comply with all demands related to Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos, as listed below.

All and any liability by the shipping company, even if not mentioned above and which occurs after the vehicle leaves the property of Eliane Revestimentos Cerâmicos, will be assigned to our company, as we have entrusted our shipment to the above authorized company.

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