It all began in 1960 in Santa Catarina State when we started producing the iconic 15x15 cm wall tiles. As time went on, our technology evolved jointly with the growing number of formats and the company and nowadays Eliane Revestimentos is a national reference in ceramic tiles creating complete solutions for all types of projects and surprises in each product launch. You will find the perfect solution for any renovation or new construction for your house, office, or business.

Eliane quality and style of life go hand-in-hand. The products combine beauty, innovation, and high technology. The pioneer spirit has always been present in the history of the company, which has brought such novelties as the manufacturing of porcelain tiles in Brazil and renowned for the development of certified ecologically friendly flooring and wall tiles. Our entire experience provides, through a complete product line, the best performance combined with durability, practicality, and great design.

Eliane has always displayed respect for the environment, valorization for people, and sustainable initiatives. In 1979 the Maximiliano Gaidzinski Institute was created, it was named after the founder of our company, and nowadays, it prepares and trains professionals for the ceramic industry in Brazil and the world at large. This investment in the future is made by those who believe in the ethic and the transforming power of education.

Nowadays, our products are manufactured in the states of Santa Catarina and Bahia and they are available at over 15 thousand points of sale, located throughout the national territory. The brand has also available in over 80 countries in South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Oceania. We have been recognized as the largest ceramic tile exporter in Brazil.

36 million square metersof tiles areproducedannually

There are over 15,000points of salein Brazil

Our productsare availablein over 80countries

This was the first unit in our group. It started producing in December 1960 and our home office is setup here in Cocal do Sul. Eliane I produces small and medium format wall and facing tiles, , tiles for swimming pools, and decorative tiles as well.

88845 000 - COCAL DO SUL
Santa Catarina
Fone +55 48 3447 7777
Fax +55 48 3447 7825
Location Map

The Eliane II unit launched its activities in 1976. The production of this unit is focused mainly on wall and porcelain tiles and the majority of these tiles are larger formats.

88845 000 - COCAL DO SUL
Santa Catarina
Fone +55 48 3447 7777
Fax +55 48 3447 7633
Location Map

The Eliane III unit began to operate in 1988 and nowadays it produces medium and large format floor and wall tiles.

88845 000 - COCAL DO SUL
Santa Catarina
Fone +55 48 3447 7651
Fax +55 48 3447 7658
Location Map

Eliane III was enlarged in 1987 and implemented Eliane Artística. This unit develops special ceramic tiles with decorative features, such as gold, platinum, and Swarovski crystals.

88845 000 - COCAL DO SUL
Santa Catarina
Fone +55 48 3447 7675
Fax +55 48 3447 7658
Location Map

This unit began its activities in 1996 confirming the pioneer spirit of Eliane as the first porcelain tile producer in the country.

88803 470 - CRICIÚMA - Santa Catarina
Fone +55 48 3431 4444
Fax +55 48 3431 4400
Location Map

This unit was purchased by Eliane in 1997 and it is responsible for the production of ceramic tiles in the northeastern region of the country. Divers types of tiles are produced here, such as floor, facing, wall, swimming pool, and porcelain tiles.

Avenida Industrial Urbana, 495
Bairro Industrial - Camaçari, BA
Fone +55 71 3493 4242
Fax +55 71 3493 4242
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Develop, produce, and sell technological advanced ceramic products, with quality and beauty; guarantee our customers’ satisfaction and all the involved audience, respecting the principles of ethics, transparency, and discipline.


Be a tiling company with a worldwide impact, national market leader in large formats and provide complete, matching, and innovative solutions, assuring profitability and return on investments to shareholders.


+ Ethics
+ Discipline
+ Simplicity
+ Sustainable growth
+ Innovation

Eliane Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Eliane Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct describes the principles and company conduct reflected in its manner of doing business and relating to its internal and external audiences.

The partnering success between Eliane and its suppliers and service providers is based on the alignment of the values contained in the Code, as follows:

• Idoneity and compliance with applicable laws;
• Not granting any personal advantages to Eliane employees;
• Avoid the giving of presents, except for promotional and marketing gifts.

It is very important to inform Eliane whenever any situation occurs identifying any ethical violation.
Your contact can be made through the following channels:

• Personally at the Code of Ethics Committee, in the company home office in Cocal do Sul – SC

• By telephone +55 0800 646 9999

• By e-mail

• By filling out an electronic form available at:

The telephone and the electronic form are enabled for anonymous messages;
however, Eliane guarantees all information will be handled confidentially

Download the code of ethics of eliane

Executive Director

Edson Gaidzinski Jr.
President Director

Geraldo Leonel Estevam da Silveira
Financial Director

Rogério Longoni
Commercial Director

Otmar Josef Müller
Industrial Director





Roberto Gaidzinski Bastos

Karina Gaidzinski
Council Vice-President

André Gaidzinski

Ângela Maria Tizziani Gaidzinski

Cristiano Gioia Lauretti

Eduardo Sant Anna Marrachine

Rafael Gaidzinski Stadler

Rubens Pinto de Carvalho

Hermínio Vicente Smania de Freitas


  • 2015
  • Top of Mind SP - 2015

    The Top of Mind brand among the professionals public in São Paulo.

  • Strong Partnership Telhanorte Award

    Category: Ceramic Sector - 1st Place.

  • Number One Supplier - Leroy Merlin Award

    1st Place Ceramic Tiles

  • Best in Show-Ceramics Brasil Apex Brasil Award

    Calu Six - Best product of special pieces category at Expo Revestir 2015

  • Top Brands Award 2015

    One of the most recognized brands in floors and ceramic tiles by readers of the Projeto Design magazine.

  • Anamaco Major Customers Award

    Best manufacturer of ceramic tiles in Brazil.