SGIE - Eliane integrated management system

This is a Web-based interface solution serving different Eliane target markets including the following:

- Commercial information focused on Reseller channel customers and store promoters used for consulting orders, stock, and financial status.

- Performance and statistical and management information displayed on graphs and tables for following up on corporate internal customers.

- Update information on maritime shipments performed at Harbor Terminals and Customs Dispatchers.

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Purchasing system

Eliane has now begun purchasing using the most up-to-date communication and interactive tool among companies for customer/supplier relations: e-procurement focused on Business to Business.

Shipping companies

Eliane provides shipping companies an electronic file for integrating invoice data generated in the system.

Approved FOB

If the Customer selects a different shipping company than the one recommended by Eliane, it must fill out the “Shipment Permission Letter” and send it to the Logistics department.

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Download XML of the NFE (Electronic Invoice)

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Internal audience

These contents are assigned to the Eliane Company internal audience.